The year is 498 FD, or 498 years after Founding Day, the day of first landing on the refuge continent of Arn. Almost five centuries after the High Wizard Luryn landed with pilgrims from across the sea at what would be now called Port Luryn. After Heart was established in the center of the country and settlements sprung up around the land, humanity has settled its roots among some of the natives of this land, and there has been relative peace. But not for long. A power stirs, just slighty, a power that no one can quite identify. The rousing of this force has caused whispers of concern in the leadership of the land while the general populace lives on in ignorant bliss. When will the truth behind this power be unveiled, and what are the implications? Perhaps a lonely soul among the masses, one named Azaer the Wanderer, will stumble across this secret in the journey through his life…

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